Community engagement

Are you interested in learning the basics of computer programing?

Have you ever wanted to make a smart home but didn’t know where to start?

Has no course at the academy taught you how to paint with Light Emitting Diodes?

Combine affordable microelectronics, IoT communication protocols and a friendly programing language and embrace a new way of expressing your creativity.

Workshop outline/Lessons learned

  • Soldering 101 - hands on soldering experience
  • Basic Python - basics of coding through an interactive programing language
  • Current, voltage and bytes - introduction to electronics and digital concepts
  • Sensors and actuators - measure the temperature and drive a motor using code
  • Connecting the nodes - using an IoT protocol to form an interconnected system
  • Playbox - realize an idea you had on the spot
  • Low level - how to tackle with less interesting problems


Laptop. No previous knowledge required. Microcontrollers will be provided.

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